thoroughbred conformation racehorse levering
thoroughbred conformation racehorse levering


Located in Victoria, Australia.

With the many contradictions involved with the standard text book horse conformation, Horsegears has set about researching all facets of horse conformation from scratch. This has been accomplished with specific software developed for this purpose. The intention is to not only identify desired traits, but further fully analyze the not so perfect traits, that often provide hidden benefits. This information can be related to form to function, and applied specifically to all breeds and disciplines.

Many of the articles presented throughout this site are theory based, of which you may freely agree or disagree with. But regardless of your personal opinions of the theories, Although breeding, upbringing, training, mentality and many other factors ultimately determine a racehorse's ability, Horsegears can assess the racing potential of Thoroughbreds, based on conformation.

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