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Obtain an advantage by buying horses not only on breeding, but on type. A horses potential is currently  based on its breeding, where as conformation is usually only used to to locate weakness. With this software, like breeding, you can now use a horses conformation to find areas that indicate speed and performance.

Do the math's, take two horses of similar breeding and apparent standard conformation. They are valued at $50,000 each. One is geared to win races, the other is not. Based on the one being geared to win races having a conservatively double chance of winning good class races, that may now place its value at $75,000, and the lesser geared one at $25,000, that results in a $50,000 varied value between the two horses. And that's only from using Horsegears ratings on one horse.

Purchase outstanding types, at bargain prices. Smaller buyers have not yet caught up with "Gears Theory". There is an currently opportunity in the market place to obtain the very best "geared horses" with reasonable breeding, at reasonable prices.

Don't travel all over the country side. The major auctions now have photos of stock, and studs all have photos of their stallions. These photos can now be used to judge a horses conformation without leaving your home, a great advantage considering the vast distances usually needed to inspect horses pre auction.

Forecast a horses likely preferred distance. The software has been used to accurately forecast a horses likely preferred distance with a 500m range with a 70% success rate. This has been achieved with Yearlings through to mature horses.



Equine Conformation for the Racehorse

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We assess (we have varied ratings allowing for proportions according to horses age and growth spurts
  • Weanlings
  • Yearlings
  • 2yos
  • Mature types
  • Breeding stock
Horsegears Athletic rating (all types of horses)
  • $9 per horse
Horsegears Stride ratings (all types of horses)
  • $19 per horse

Horsegears Full Racehorse Ratings cost

Yearling upwards

  • Single horse $45
  • Up to 5 horses $95
  • Up to 20 Horses $295
  • Up to 50 Horses $495
Includes full comments, Power rating, Stride rating, Athletic rating for each horse
Match Breeding by conformation.
Bone structure is inherited, we can assess your mare for conformation traits, and locate stallions with
similar traits. Breeding like horses that are correct in type provides the breeder the best chance to produce a well balanced foal. This also means you can forecast with greater accuracy the type of foal you can expect.
Send us a photo of your mare and we will give you a full conformation assessment  and a list of stallions that
compliment it, This is a 2 step process
#1. Rate your mare and provide you the ratings and conformation traits
#2. Find a number of stallions that match your mare within the service fee range you require.
  • 1 mares $90
  • 2 mares $150
  • 5 mares $290
  • 10 mares $490
  • More, by negotiation
Stallion Ratings
Obtain full list of Australian stallions that includes power ratings, balance ratings, conformation strengths and weaknesses.
Use list to match your own mares with complimenting stallions

Evaluation includes 4 ratings

  • Bone structure proportions.
  • Top & vertical lines, and length X height balance.
  • Key joint angles, fore and hind quarters.
  • Horsegears Power ratings - the unique key power gearing ratios of champions


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