thoroughbred conformation racehorse
thoroughbred conformation racehorse
thoroughbred conformation racehorse
thoroughbred conformation racehorse

Secretariat (Horsegears opinion only)

In 1973 became the first U.S. Triple Crown champion for twenty-five years. During this feat his talents where highlighted in the Belmont Stakes, where, after setting an early fast pace, left the crowd spellbound by continuing to extend an enormous lead right to the post, eventually winning by over 30 lengths. With this great performance in mind, lets analyze his conformation for clues to his greatness.

Forequarters: Well proportioned lower legs, a closed elbow joint leaving a flatter arm, the shoulder joint is also closed, but as the angle of the arm is flat, this also results with the shoulder blade being slightly upright. This lessens the horizontal depth from chest to wither to less than ideal. The shoulder blade has good length. Despite the appearance of the upright blade, Secretariats significantly closed elbow and shoulder joints encouraged both intension and stride length through the fore.

Core: Like Phar Lap, a slightly longer back, which may help provide more volume towards the rear of the barrel, aiding significant lung expansion and air intake during maximal exercise. Also a good girth depth.

Hindquarters: Some slope on the croup, leading to a femur with a extra length which adds strength to upper hind.. The coups slope, and femur extra length, allows the stifle to be further placed forward, which may play an in important *factor in this horses stride as detailed below. Lower down the hind he possesses good rear cannon length. This overall hind *combination encourages a good under reach from the rear, allowing the horse good lift of its forequarters through levering, and potentially also helping the fore limbs, by providing them more time to lift and stretch forward, before the fore drops, which initiates its next stride. Appears he may be slightly camped under behind. (Even if true, wont ever be publicized)

Distance gearing: 1300 - 1800m (6 1/2 - 9f)

Overview: Significant strength orientations (sprinting), which he was capable of sustaining over longer distances. This can possibly be witnessed in his famous Belmont Stakes win, where he soon sprinted to the lead, and simply, "just kept getting faster" as the race unfolded. The hind appears to be the strength, although the fore is certainly not a weakness, even thou the wither appears to be set slightly forward. Overall proportions by measurement are excellent, with close to ideal limb/body and length/height ratio's.

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