Stakes Bred  ease and comfort
Software consists of drop down tables, use a mouse to select the matching options, no manual typing required as program is designed for ease of use, comfort and speed. User requires his own standard 3 or 5 generation catalogue style pedigree chart  Software can also save ratings and pedigrees for further reference,

Great to use for auctions, quickly rate all the horses in the catalogue of interest before the sale. Spend your time at the sale inspecting, bidding and networking.

Perfectly Suits

Racehorse trainers who prefer to train horses, rather than study catalogues/breeding, Thoroughbred Agents, Breeders, Traders & owners

Program an aid  to user who wishes to

- Quickly analyze a large number of pedigrees for upcoming sales

 - Learn about breeding

- Use a proven formula for breeding analysis, that can be adjusted to suit personal tastes

- Assess pedigrees without any personal bias towards favored breeding lines

- Purchase horses on educated knowledge, rather than hunches or gut feelings.

 - Use a second opinion on a horses potential based on breeding. No longer rely on Breeders, Trainers, Traders biased opinions.

- Give yourself the best value chance of obtaining a Stakes Winner.

- Evaluate the breeding of any Thoroughbred. Including those from the leading studs, all the way down to the hobby farms.

Program to be used as a guide only, as common sense will always be the over riding factor in any final analysis. Consideration before purchase should include horses movement, confirmation, upbringing, Veterinary examinations. Breeding should only be used as an indication of a horses potential, as the future can never be predicted with 100% accuracy.

Joseph estes horse breeding STAKES BRED

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