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horse breeding
horse breeding
Stakes Bred  The developer
  TThoroughbred Ratings.
We concentrate on developing simple, but highly effective software.
We have experienced many facets of racing including owning Racehorses, purchasing yearling, auction sales, owning and breeding from Broodmares, stallions, re educating retired racehorses, and lots more......
We also have developed s number of Horseracing programs including
  • Horsegears Conformation
  • Times (Speedform)
  • Form (Ezybet, Ultimate, Turf Ratings)
  • Trial Form (Daybreak Whispers)
  • Unattended betting (sportsbet program)
  • TAB odds tracking (TABtrader)
  • The Contenders

Thoroughbred Ratings Shop

horse breeding
The  Contenders JUST RELEASED
Powerful Punting Software
Combines a number of valued ratings to produce an overall ranking of each horse.
Key Ratings considered include
Class Ratings, Form Ratings, Speed Ratings, Smart Money Ratings
Also considers Track conditions, Win/place ratios, Barriers, Fitness and lots more.   LINK

Joseph estes horse breeding STAKES BRED

horse breeding
Class Ratings
Australian & UK editions
The Ratings Service accesses the quality & opposition of every race the horse has performed best in, to produce a "Class" or "Ability" Rating. This Rating gives you an accurate guide as to how the horse will perform if entered in a suitable race, is fit and produces its best on the day. Link
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