thoroughbred breeding STAKES BREDthoroughbred breeding STAKES BRED
thoroughbred breeding STAKES BRED

Joseph estes horse breeding STAKES BRED
Stakes Bred  Breeding theory

A sire throws genes to his offspring, the greater number of fast genes he has, the greater the chance his foals have of inheriting them.

The same applies to the Dam.

The horses that have the best race track performances, or are proven breeders, have the greatest number of fast genes.

By combining only these proven horses, the Breeder is giving himself every chance to produce foals with fast genes.

For the above reasons program does not consider nicks, inbreeding, crosses etc, although if you prefer horses with these kind of traits in their pedigrees, you can use common sense and scan for horses that both have high breeding ratings, and also have the extra breeding traits you prefer.

The 3  lines of influence in a pedigree

Stakes Bred considers the three main breeding factors in a pedigree.

Maternal sire
Dam Line

Sire, this is based on Sires stud record, as stallions usually have had large quantities of progeny to race, this is a far more accurate guide, than his Sire potential, based on his own pedigree & race record.

Maternal Sire, this is based on the Sires Maternal record, some Sires are noted for getting good breeding stock from their female progeny, and this rating will highlight that, alternately if you are familiar with the leading Material Sires this may not be needed.

Dam Line, based first on Dams race record, then it produce record, and finally its breeding. If a dam was un raced its breeding is taken more seriously. All the first 3 Dams race records, produce and breeding are considered, with a reducing bias towards the 2nd and 3rd Dams.


We consider all three lines to be critical, as a horse is likely to throw to any obvious weakness. As most pedigrees do not include Maternal Sire information, we suggest you obtain this elsewhere, software will still analyze Sire & Dam lines regardless of weather you have this Maternal Sire information.

Considers all stats from a horses pedigree table, including race records, siblings, foals, winners, produce record etc.

The software independently rates each of the lines and produces a unique rating

The main value in program will be in the Dam line assessment, which will take into account many factors including a bias to the first Dam and its produce. As dams do not have a lot of foals, there racing records, and full breeding are also fully analyzed for potential.

Joseph estes horse breeding STAKES BRED

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