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Introduction - Biomechanics & conformation


We analyze racehorse conformation in a number of ways to ensure a complete and detailed analysis. if you email us a good quality side on conformation photo of your horse we can assess it.

Rating Types

Power Gearing

Detailed analysis of racehorse confirmation all points to a common denominator which consistently
applies specifically to Stakes performing racehorses. It provides horses excess power gearing.

Power gearing quickly enables racehorses to reach their top speed, using a combination of
speed and strength, which they then use to maintain their momentum. A horse that is only strength geared,
will not possess enough power to accelerate to optimum speed and maximize its stride length, and the horse geared only for a long stride or endurance wont have enough speed, therefore having to work much harder to match the same pace of the geared horse.

Power Gearing is calculated by specially using certain joints, bone lengths and proportions, to assess speed & strength leverage.

Distance Gearing

This assesses a large number of bone structure traits to estimate a horse preferred distance. This is not normally possible by eye due to the compounding nature of the calculations, and small variations that can make a huge difference. We have found this to be over 70% successful in predicting a racehorses preferred distance to within 250m.

Wet track Traits

Assesses bone structure to analyze a horses likely preferred racing surface. The Wet track traits identified by measurement also all reflect on a horses stride in 3 similar ways.

Athletic Rating

Rates a horses all-round athletic ability. This is a general horse rating that highlights types that are likely to be successful in their chosen discipline. This includes all horse sports such as western, English , Endurance etc. Successful stallions from varied disciplines typically have high athletic ratings.


Assess Racehorses for overall balance, type that rate high in this generally are solid types with no real conformation weakness.


**Horsegears is the developer of all the ratings on this site, and both the Theory and research behind them. This includes Stride Theory, that rates to horses of all disciplines and breeds, from Western & English, through to endurance, under the one flowing conformation and rating system. Horsegears Theory is thorough, and does not consist of contradictions that cannot be properly explained.


A large number of factors are analyzed individually, and combined as one, from this we obtain a rating. Approx 10 % of yearling analyzed we consider have Group race potential. Our rating will give you a genuine indication of a horses potential based on its conformation. Use our ratings with confidence, as Leading Thoroughbreds consistently rate extremely highly, compared to the average racehorse.

Some key conformation lengths are shown in image below.

horse conformation


Our research indicates

*Approximate figures only

35% of group winners have excellent conformation, while only 20% have poor conformation.

 55% of non winners have poor conformation, while 10% have excellent conformation.

This indicates by selecting horses with excellent conformation you are multiplying your chances of obtaining a Group winner. This may be a conservative estimate considering horses with poor conformation out number those with outstanding conformation.


Horsegears V4 ratings.

Listed below are the Bloodhorse all-time Top 10 US Thoroughbreds, and their Horsegears ratings.

Horse Horsegears V4 rating
Spectacular Bid 103
Seattle Slew 103
Native Dancer 102
Secretariat 101
Kelso 101
Dr Fager 100
Count Fleet 99
Man o War 99
Citation 90

As table ratings indicate, power gearing is essential to top line horses, all of the above horses rated with excellent conformation apart from Citation.

Note; Horses ratings generally range between 92 and 100, any rating above 99 is considered excellent.  Unable to obtain suitable photo to rate Forego. A rough image suggest a rating of approx 99.